Harvest: Portrait Painting Stages

by Lisa Larrabee

artist Lisa Larrabee
20" x 24"  Oil

There are many different ways to begin a painting.  One technique that I particularly enjoy involves "drawing in paint".  When I begin a portrait in this way, there is little to no preliminary drawing.  I begin my sketching of the features in paint.  I avoid creating too much contrast (lightest lights and darkest shadows) because it is much more forgiving when moving the paint around to make corrections.  This push and pull of shapes and shadows actually feels more to me like sculpting the features then drawing them.


Painting Negative Space: Part III

by Lisa Larrabee

The Spaces Between
Oil  24" x 24"
artist Lisa Larrabee

In the third, and final, post of this series I want to share the most  recent of my paintings that is built around negative space.  It is also the largest and most complex.  

I started with a detailed painting of the trees because the subject was so intricate.