Painting Negative Space: Part III

by Lisa Larrabee

The Spaces Between
Oil  24" x 24"
artist Lisa Larrabee

In the third, and final, post of this series I want to share the most  recent of my paintings that is built around negative space.  It is also the largest and most complex.  

I started with a detailed painting of the trees because the subject was so intricate.

When it was dry, I glazed over the entire painting with a warm orange-pink.

Once dry, I painted white back into all of the negative spaces between the branches.  It is important not to just paint around the existing branches, but to paint around new shapes.  This creates more complexity and depth.

There was some back and forth repainting the tree and the spaces between.  It may seem like a lot of extra work for a painting that appears primarily black and white.  However, I have found that subtle shifts of color or temperature are dynamic when they get a chance to play a more prominent role within a neutral color scheme.

~ Lisa