Paint with Realism and Expression

by Lisa Larrabee

A Quiet Reminder
Oil  18"x 24"
artist Lisa Larrabee

It has been a constant challenge for me to paint with... paint.  I would load up my brush with paint, lay it down on the surface with bold intention and then eventually smear it around until it was smooth and blended.  

This past summer, I took a workshop with an incredible artist, Henry Yan.  He told me my palette was starving.  I added more paint.  Would you believe that more paint on your pallet can translate to more paint on your painting?  It sounds too simple.


Portrait Painted General to Specific

by Lisa Larrabee

Gabriella Study

9"x12"  Oil
artist Lisa Larrabee

This oil study was for a painting demonstration.  I wanted to begin the portrait with general shapes.  I did not start with any preliminary drawings.  Initially, I laid down even simpler general shapes with Transparent Earth Red thinned with OMS.  This image shows the portrait after basic color shapes were added with thicker paint.


Make an Impact with Color and Light

by Lisa Larrabee

Nature's Compliment
Oil  36" x 24"
artist Lisa Larrabee

A color is enhanced by the contrast of it's compliment.
So is the calm after the storm.

My first step was to block in the general shapes and color.  Everything is painted in a mid value range.