When It All Comes Together

by Lisa Larrabee

to Love

9" x 12"
Oil & Cold Wax on Panel
artist Lisa Larrabee

Over the years I have picked up a variety of techniques that I felt would help me visually manifest the ideas within my Figurative Landscape paintings.  This summer I created paintings where multiple techniques came together in a way that felt fluid and natural.  It has been a very energizing experience.

To Love was my first painting of this series.  I began with a thin cool wash in order to create vibrancy against the warmer layers of color that were to follow.

I mixed oil paint with Gamblin's cold wax medium.  I applied the color with a pallet knife and used a brayer roller to move the paint around and create layers and color harmony.  

Building additional texture with a pallet knife, I also scraped marks down to the original blue base.

I used an oil transfer technique and experimented with applying color deliberately to certain areas of the drawing (instead of one color overall).

Thinning transparent paint with Gamblin's Galkyd, I blocked in the major shadow shapes.

I softened again with my brayer and then painted the highlighted areas directly.

This was the first of several paintings in this series.  Each piece created a different challenge and required a different solution.  I found that my previous experiences with a variety of techniques provided me with the solutions that I needed.  It is an important reminder to always keep learning new skills because you never know when they may all come together.

~ Lisa